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Stainless steel mesh function price quality appearance introduction
The Stainless steel mesh is mainly used for mechanical assembly line, assembly line in stainless steel mesh with the following name: transmission network with metal, heat treatment furnace high-temperature net belt; Stainless steel mesh; conveyor belt; tunnelfurnacemesh belt belt; the Great Wall; drying; coating equipmentnet belt; sprayingequipment belt; cleaningmachine; food network; food cleaningconveying chain plate; stainless steel chain plate; herringbonemesh belt; double spiralenergy savingmesh belt; oil cooling belt; btypemesh belt conveyor; baffle; chain conveyors; vegetable cleaningmesh belt; freezing machinechain network; single freezing machinechain network frozenhorseshoe typenetwork chain;; dehydrated vegetables lineequipment forconveyingchain network.
The main functions of Stainless steel mesh are as follows
1, food biscuit industry: net belt, cooling injection machine net belt, flat bending machine net belt, chocolate coating machine. At the same time, the production of biscuits machinery, egg spraying machine and meat delivery network with a net belt, the import of machinery ultra-thin energy-saving network.
2, Rice noodles and instant noodles industry; steamed fried net belt, box, hanging drying box, cutter knife, knife knife, comb, comb surface, a supporting shaft, forming box etc..
3, all kinds of quick frozen food, vegetable dehydration production line equipment with stainless steel flat top chain. Chip conveyor chain, conveyor chain, mesh belt, support shaft, etc..

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