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Installation technique of bridge fence
The bridge fence is a facility protection design in the bridge can reduce the pedestrians and vehicles fall into the river in danger, is a security barrier on the bridge, so the bridge fence installation has become a very important problem, good installation can make the bridge fence to better serve to protect the function, reduce the risk of accidents, following a brief note installation of bridge fence.
The installation sequence is as follows: Post - Anchorage - installation bar joist - install handrails - fixed column cap.
The column anchor installation, should maintain the verticality of the columns, column plate to ensure smooth and cover board for bridge steel plate should be close to the hole position error control should be less than or equal to 15 mm. Manual arc welding is used to weld the steel plate and the main rib, and the welding seam and strength meet the requirements of the specification.
Between the joists and column by column bracket into the installation slot complete card joist.
The bar and joists, handrails through the reserved slot connection slot accuracy should be within the specified scope, to ensure the accuracy of sheet bar installation. The connection between the column and the card slot should be compact, and the stability of the upper and lower ends of the column and the cross beam connection should be guaranteed.

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