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Development prospect of stainless steel mesh in the future
In the international market, the stainless steel mesh products have been widely used, and the current domestic situation, although some large and medium-sized enterprises began to use the stainless steel mesh production line, but most enterprises are still the original manual production mode. This provides a broad potential market and prospects for the development of the stainless steel mesh in China. Believes that the future development of stainless steel mesh Market in the future is roughly as follows:
On product quality
In product quality should be the icing on the cake, creating advanced high quality products, stable quality must be reliable, not only to meet the accurate request process, to ensure the machining quality of net chain, at the same time to strictly grasp the enterprise manufacturing standards, to make still further progress, and progress of tooling tools chain the application of equipment life and stable reliability.
Two in the product category
In the production of stainless steel mesh type class will not increase from time to time, as long as the transverse development, but also to carry out longitudinal, breadth and depth in the development of products, based on the original time extended, the more important is to check network, to complete, to large-scale development in the grid network with the chain chain assembly machines.
Three in the number of products
In the network with the number of products to increase and expand effectively, not only to meet the domestic network with the network chain, chain production enterprise's growing demand, but also conform to the new situation of foreign network with network to carry out the chain of consumption, expanding exports, and actively provide network with network equipment they demand chain as a foreign network with the chain enterprise network.

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