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Analysis of stainless steel wire mesh manufacturers of some of the reasons for rust
Stainless steel manufacturers in the machinery industry is now more common, many other industries will also use stainless steel mesh, but a lot of stainless steel mesh belt will rust, here to analyze the reasons for the stainless steel wire mesh.
The stainless steel mesh manufacturers even made of stainless steel material, but this does not mean that the stainless steel will not rust passivation, so usually used in the process or to pay attention to the use of methods to prevent rust and passivation of stainless steel net. Here we have stainless steel rust passivation few: stainless steel mesh rust passivation is the biggest factor of chloride ion, so we must pay attention to in the process of use or cleaning, do not let the chloride corrosion of stainless steel net, stainless steel net second surface more smooth and more difficult foreign body attachment, such opportunities will be very small corrosion on the contrary, the more rough corrosion would be a greater chance of a lot, so the processing of stainless steel net must finish at the same time, should pay attention to the smooth surface. If the passivation is produced then it is required to clean the stainless steel by chemical reactions.
Stainless steel net factory associated with the nearby environment in the use process, if there are some long on the surface of material attached, of course it will inhibit the corrosion resistance, so in addition to regular cleaning should pay attention to avoid the long-term chloride milk of the surface, because the effect of chlorine ion generating chemical reaction, can damage the passivation film of long-term loading dairy products, will lead to capacity and equipment corrosion, so we should pay attention to the passive film restoration.
Stainless steel net factory crevice corrosion is mainly due to the existence of gap medium inhomogeneity of cause, so for crevice corrosion protection, selecting suitable materials, important parts of the network, you can use the crevice corrosion resistance ability of the materials, such as the Gao Gegao Molybdenum Stainless steel, reasonable design, avoid cracks. Here for example: superior welding riveting; superior butt welding lap welding; welding must ensure the quality, avoid welding holes; screw joint structure, can use low sulfur rubber gasket, dense packing, joints can be used for protective coating. Note that, in the design should avoid seeper area; maintenance, should be diligent in cleaning, remove dirt etc.

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